Service dog dials 911 during fire; saves blind owner by pulling her from house

Yolanda’s heroic actions saved her owner. Source: Facebook

A heroic service dog saved the day by dialing 911 and pulling her blind owner to safety after the home they shared in the Holmesburg section of Philadelphia caught fire on Thursday morning.

Yolanda, a golden retriever, called 911 on a specialized phone and alerted authorities about the blaze and firefighters responded.

They were able to rescue Yolanda’s owner – a woman in her sixties – and she was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

After her owner was safe, Yolanda was rewarded with food, toys, treats and supplies, according to the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team’s Facebook page.

The group, which provides help to pets displaced by fires and other residential disasters, said Yolanda has been a hero before.

Red Paw wrote: ‘The crazy part, this is not the first time she’s call 9-1-1 for her owner! ‘Last year Yolanda’s owner fell in the house and was unconscious, she called 9-1-1 then too. Yolanda is a superhero!’

As it turns out, this is actually the third time (at least) that Yolanda has come to the rescue. In 2013, Yolanda began growling when she heard two men talking downstairs while her owner was asleep.

She closed the bedroom door and chased the burglars out of the home, but not before they turned on the gas on the stove. When Yolanda’s owner realized what was happening, she called police. They were already on the way because Yolanda had contacted them via her special phone.