Comedian who baked iPhone cookie to trick cops arrested over unpaid parking tickets

Turns out, he bit off more than he could chew...

A self proclaimed “grown child,” comedian Randy Liedtke is no stranger to odd stunts designed to draw attention to himself online and grow his fan base. But with his latest prank he may have just bitten off a bit more than he could chew, literally.

Liedtke took to Twitter to share his idea for a way to annoy local cops in his Los Angeles neighborhood. The plan involved baking a cookie in the shape & size of an iPhone, complete with appropriately colored icing. The comedian posted a photo of the decoy iPhone, and his followers commented that even up close it looked like the real thing.

With his cookie iPhone ready, Liedtke tweeted: “I’m gonna drive around with my iPhone Cookie today and see what happens!” What could go wrong? As Liedtke would soon find out, pranking the cops isn’t a good idea if you have outstanding warrants.

During the morning of his stunt, Liedtke provided his Twitter followers with regular updates. After spending most of the day without seeing law enforcement, Liedtke shared this update near lunch time:

“Just saw a police car going the other way. Gonna turn around and see if I can catch up and drive by it. #iphonecookie,” his update on twitter read.

A few minutes later, Liedtke tweeted the following excited message:


His followers were thrilled at this development, retweeting the update hundreds of times. What would happen when the cops realised they’d pulled over a man talking on an iced cookie instead of a cellphone?

Liedtke’s tweet was soon followed by a selfie of him with a police car visible through his rear window as proof he’d been pulled over. His followers anxiously awaited further updates, and were not disappointed

The prank backfired after Liedtke was arrested over outstanding warrants

The next tweet shared the comedian’s glee after the office saw him eat his ‘phone’.

“Took a bite out of the cookie. He was so confused and angry. Told me to hold tight, he is back in his car now.”

However, the tables would soon be turned against the comedian. The police officer reportedly returned to his vehicle and asked dispatch to run Liedtke’s name through outstanding warrants. The officer later returned with the bad news:

“Says I have a warrant for unpaid parking tickets? Making me go with him” tweeted Liedtke, much to the amusement of many of his followers.

For the next ten hours there were no further Twitter updates from the comedian, until he eventually shared another selfie outside the police station. He’d been held for ten hours after an outstanding warrant for his arrest over unpaid parking tickets was found.

There was twitter silence from Liedtke as he presumably sweated it out in the slammer, eventually emerging 10 hours later a defeated man.

The image reveals a tired, disheveled looking Liedtke – a far cry from the gleeful expression he had in the car selfie. “Wasn’t worth it. I’m an idiot… No more iPhone Cookies” he tweeted.