British man who took “meow meow” party drug stabs mother, slices off own penis

The Royal Sussex County Hospital where the suspect and his mother are being treated. Source: Facebook

A 19-year old student in the UK town of Brighton has made headlines after he reportedly went on a deranged frenzy after overdosing on the popular party drug mephedrone, known by its street name “meow meow”.

According to local media reports, the man who has not been named was rushed to the Royal Sussex County along with his mother, also not named. The pair were both in a critical condition, but the latest reports suggest both will survive their ordeal.

A witness who claimed to be close to the family spoke highly of the teenager, saying that this incident was out of character: “He is normally a lovely lad and very bright. But unfortunately, he had started dabbling in drugs. He had come home from university for Christmas. It looks like he took mephedrone and completely flipped out attacking his mum and then himself.

“When the police arrived they found him hanging from a window and then discovered he had cut off his penis.”

Local media reported that the local police department are investigating an allegation of assault on the mum. A detective who spoke about the matter said: “At this stage we are not looking for anyone else in connection with this incident.”

Police rushed to the scene after the injured 46-year-old mother called the authorities. Once there, they allegedly found the 19-year old “hanging out of a bedroom window with blood pouring from his wounds”.

It is believed that surgeons at the hospital have been able to reattach the man’s penis by sewing it back on.

The authorities are concerned at a number of recent incidents involving “meow meow”, a synthetic, amphetamine-like stimulant which is also known by the names drone and MCAT.

It produces effects similar to drugs such as cocaine, causing the user to feel euphoria. However, it can also provoke paranoia and anxiety, leading to violent and unexpected incidents such as the attack in Brighton.

There are other side effects, including changes to body temperature, increased heart rate, breathing difficulties, loss of appetite, increased sweating, discolouration of extremities and depression.

Mephedrone is strictly illegal to sell and possess in the UK, but this hasn’t stopped a number of people overdosing on the drug, leading to violent rampages that have left a number of victims dead.